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Helping you select the Right Medicare Insurance for your needs

Helping you select the Right Medicare Insurance for your needs

Health insurance can be complicated. Let us help you get the protection you need for your own peace of mind.

Medicare Basics

Medicare is a health benefits program for all U.S. citizens or permanent residents who meet specific work history necessities. Medicare is for people at least 65 years old or people that meet certain disabilities.


Medicare is administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which is an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.


There are 4 parts to Medicare:


1.      Part A: Hospital (Skilled nursing facility, Hospice, and Home Health)


2.      Part B: Medical (Doctors, Labs, Imaging) Services


3.      Part C: Medical Health plan providing both parts A & B (also known as Advantage plans)


4.      Part D: Prescription Drug plan

Enrolling in Medicare

You can enroll in Medicare 4 months (includes your birth month) before you turn 65 Online, or a Senior Center. If you are taking Social Security benefits, you will automatically be enrolled in part A, providing you have met the work requirements, at zero cost premium.


You can enroll in Part B at the same time and as of 2017, most premiums are $134.00 per month. You can also decide not to enroll in Part B. However, there may be penalties incurred if you do not enroll at the age of 65, depending on your current health insurance.


Once enrolled in Parts A and B you can then decide to what if any plans to help pay for deductibles and out of pocket expenses or coinsurance (your share of the costs of a healthcare visit).

Coinsurance Plan Options

Once you enroll in Medicare, you have options to get a plan to help pay some of those medical bills that Medicare does not pick up.


1.      Enroll only in Original Medicare parts A & B and pay all deductibles and copays (Self Insure) that Medicare does not cover.


2.      Purchase a Medigap or Supplement plan.


3.      Purchase a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan or part C. Some of these plans you can pick up at a zero cost premium. Most of these plans include Part D (prescription drugs).


4.      Purchase a Prescription Drug plan (PDP) or Part D. Beneficiaries that do not have/ maintain a creditable drug plan will incur a late enrollment penalty if one is not selected at the time they enroll in Medicare.


To receive information about plans or a quote please call June Johnson at 920-284-6067, email june.64@live.com, or submit your information on our to contact page.


By calling this number will put you into contact with a licensed sales agent.

We do not cover every Medicare plan available in your area. Currently, I represent 8 organizations which offers 57 products in your area. Please contact Medicare.gov. or 1-800-Medicare or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get all of your options.


Health insurance can be complicated and you want to work with someone whom you can trust. As an independent agent working with multiple providers, June is able to make sure you get the right coverage you need at the right price.

Schedule a one on one meeting with June today!

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Ensuring you have the Right Health Insurance Coverage is Our Top Priority

Insurance can be complicated! Let J.A. Johnson Health Insurance be your guide in finding the right coverage for you.

Stressed out when choosing your own health insurance coverage? Do you find you picked a plan that doesn’t work for you? Paying too much? Wrong Network? Not enough coverage or too much coverage.


I understand completely how that feels and that is one of my client’s biggest frustrations when they first to come to see me. “There are so many choices how do I know that I’m making the right choice for me?” is their biggest fear and question.


Do these questions run through your mind when selecting a health plan?

  • You’re not sure if or how to verify that your doctor is in network and you’ve been going to that doctor for years and you pick the wrong network. You can’t see that doctor unless you pay out of pocket.

  • You can’t take a medication you have been on because it is not part of that insurance formulary. By the way what is a formulary? “This is going to take forever to figure out and how do I know for sure?

  • Wait what open enrollment is over and I can’t change my plan until next year? How do I know what counts as income? I didn’t return the documents the Marketplace requested and now my premium is un-affordable or cancelled.

  • I received a phone call from a health insurance agent saying that could put me in this really great plan, it’s inexpensive, but they only have a few spots left and once I enroll, they’ll send me the summary of benefits. Great! But now I’m in the hospital and they don’t cover that. I have a pre-existing condition and they don’t cover that either and it’s too late to get a plan that I need and can use.

  • I don’t qualify for a subsidy and I never go see the doctor, but I want something in case I do but I can’t afford that premium. “I lost my job what are my options and how long do I have to get a plan.


If these are questions you struggle with; here at J.A. Johnson Health Insurance Agency, I take the time to find your needs and match a plan that is best suited for you, your family, and/or your business. I know the networks, the insurance companies, the formularies, and together we’ll find a plan to fit your needs. In addition, I keep track of requested documents and upload them on your behalf so you will have peace of mind.

Best of all I do not charge for the consultation or the application it is 100% free for my services.


Call or schedule your appointment today by clicking the Get Started Today Button, to go over your health insurance needs t make sure your health insurance meets your needs. Most of all you don’t have to stress or spend the time trying to figure out the complicated world of health insurance. You can relax you have the right coverage for you.

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